Randy Morales

Creative Vice properly know as Randy Richard Morales began his creative lifestyle as a kid taking his fathers work schematics designing clothing and drawing pictures. It was at this age he knew he wanted to pursue a creative lifestyle, but yet still joined the military. In the military he would nd during his free time he would write songs, poems, and design clothing to pass time while on duty. It was years after the military when he sold beer to bars and clubs around Hollywood, that he fell back into his passion of creating. Starting his rst clothing brand called S.I.E.X (Speak Into Existence) he decided to go to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising which further grew his love of creativity. From there he became a design assistant at alo yoga and has persuaded a career in art. His art is based on emotional abstract feelings and colors. He uses a few identifying features such as his “Ethos” logo, Marble Boxes, and almost youthful art style.