Collection: Conner Meager

From pixels to particles Conner Meager is a multifaceted artist and designer — assuming the task of playing with the world’s tools and materials for the purpose of projecting his reminiscence of the past, fondness of the present moment, and the longing of the many more to come.  

These projections take place across various channels such as canvas, wood, LED screens, language, paper, glass, textiles, etc. though his itinerary of artistic mediums is far from being concluded.  

With every piece, he feels as though he’s unburying fragments of reality… gems of consciousness hidden in plain sight.  His intent is simple;  create for the sake of creation itself — create so that something is created.  Whatever channel he decides to pursue, he considers his practice a “visual paraphrase”.

See him through his current collection “Good Art From A Bad Artist"
Conner Meager