Collection: Geneva Arystan

I started these pieces with the initial intention of exploring human intimacy. as the collection
came together, I realized the entirety of all poetry is the exploration of exactly that. what the
work came to reveal was that the core of it, was the intimacy with the self.
the self as a perversion, the self as a container of experience, the self as a performance
who am I at the source?
what is love, as I came to know it?
was every person just a vehicle for me to get closer to myself?
three people ago is a rebirth. a scrapbook of the people I was and I let go of, the people I’ve
welcomed and wished farewell, the last bender and the first prayer, the first sunrise.
do we ever truly see each other?
do we ever truly see ourselves?
why does everything beautiful hurt?
recenter. recenter. recenter.
a need awakened inside me. something primal. something urgent. something almost honest. to
hold my weight and carry me through. to present a life, in its poetic form. the portrait of human
intimacy, and the ebb and flow of intrinsic connection whether in the form of how a tree branch
grows, or the way that the flowers that bloom and die and bloom again. my attempt to touch the
light. to touch the air. to love wholeheartedly the person I am and then to let her go and maybe
never ever see her again. not the same way, not really. nomad culturally, and nomad by nature,
I’ve spent my whole life shapeshifting to adjust to people and experiences. my life is a blind
dedication to hedonism - to the pursuit of pleasure, of indulgence, of happiness, of inherent
internal good.
for years I’ve been trying to place roots in a person, in a place, in a memory.
can I be with you right now?
can you be with me right now?
can I be something beyond self-centered?
can I let myself be the only one at my center?
who was I three people ago?
there’s a halfway point between who you are and everyone you’ve been.
meet me there.
Geneva Arystan


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