Collection: Tyler Santangelo

Tyler Santangelo (b.1998 in Detroit, MI) is a multifaceted artist specializing in Music, Film & Painting.

At 18, he dropped out of the University Of Michigan and moved to New York pursuing music. After a couple of months he decided to move to Los Angeles to further pursue his artistic practice. This quickly led to various opportunities in multiple different industries. In 2017, he released his first musical project which gained significant recognition. From that point on, he has continued to develop more work through various mediums.

Today, Tyler continues to work on alternative rock music, is developing multiple film projects (solo & group)  alongside his peers, and developing various visual arts (Paintings, Sculptures, and more). 

Besides his main practices, he ventures into Photography, Screenwriting, Acting and continues to explore and expand into other mediums and industries.

Right Exit (To) Having A Blast (REHAB)

Acrylic, Marker On Canvas -Mixed Media

2021 -

There are many moments in one’s life where they chose to be obsessed with something, and continue to make that decision and further their obsession. One’s scale of obsessions pans differently across each individuals life. A question I always ask myself on a consistent basis - is obsession good? Is it bad? I always find myself reassessing my answer to this question dependent upon what I am obsessed with in those particular moments. It is a question with no true answer, not for anyone really.

As I started my artistic career primarily with music, I find my self constantly checking back in on my early influences. When I was about 12 years old I owned nearly every single album by The Beatles, and that was just about all I listened to for that stage of my life. As I got older I became obsessed with Rock & Roll and the counter culture that kept that flame of spirit lit. I have recently dove back into my early obsessions with this culture and its controversy and it has driven inspiration.

Going into this collection I watched interviews, listened to a lot of The Libertines and Nirvana, and even dove back into old photographs of the so called “Burn Outs” I’ve grown to admire. I started to realize the parallels between these time periods and my own, on a personal and generational level.

This collection is currently open-ended, for now. (REHAB) is a way for me to dive into time periods and moments admired by so many, and reflect upon the decisions many have made during them and where that road led to. It helps me draw comparisons to my own life choices, and where they might lead me. Each portrayal tells a story, derived from my exploration and my own personal life.

Tyler Santangelo