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  • Mauve 30 (001), 2022 & Green 30 (001), 2022

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  • Kai Cranmore

    Leading up to his first ever solo exhibition, featuring his signature style card works, Kai Cranmore discusses the inspiration behind his collection "One Sided Love". Featuring works of various sizes and visual scale, the artist discusses in depth what his creative process is like; from generating his mindset to actually physically out the art, he takes the listener on an artistic journey throughout his day. Touching on themes of modern day love & romance, longevity, and organic inspiration. Conducted as an interview hosted by Tyler Santangelo.


    Conducted as an interview hosted by Tyler Santangelo, the two discuss ENIGMA'S most recent exhibition, CYCLES, which consists of paintings reflecting life, death, and rebirth. This exhibition is the artists first attempt at conducting in the visual arts, sticking solely to molding paste, acrylic paint, and canvas as his medium. The conversation begins with an in depth background on the curator turned artist, followed up with a deep dive into what brought him to pick up the paint brush. One hour and twenty seven minutes of furniture & art talk.

  • Cycles (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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  • The Window To The Soul

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  • Good Art From A Bad Artist

    Conducted as an interview hosted by Tyler Santangelo, the two discuss Conner's most recent collection, consisting of paintings, photo-mosaics, and collages. The conversation begins at the birth of the artist in Graphic Design, following an auditive roadmap from the early manifestations all the way to the relative present. Nearly one hour and twenty minutes of congenial chatter about the artist's first ever solo exhibition.