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A Piece Called Sophie, 2022

96 x 48 Inches 

Alcohol paint, latex paint, on stretched canvas

What started as a mere inclination to paint something compelling in appearance transpired the greatest epiphany for the subjects of my art. On one seemingly fruitless search for inspiration I asked myself why I couldn’t think of anything meaningful to paint. I knew I wanted to paint, but couldn’t think of any subject worthy enough. After days of scouring books, films, and the internet for a creative revelation — I found nothing. I decided to reach out to a friend asking where they discover inspiration; they told me to visually remark the aspects of my life. I mentioned that I carry little to no pain, I have no trauma, I have good people in my life that have always treated me well; I wondered if my life was too pleasant to generate good art. They asked me what makes me happy, maybe that’s a better source to draw from. I responded by saying that my greatest passion aside from art is my friends — people. There’s nothing I love more than people; making someone happy is what makes me happy, whether it’s making them laugh, giving them something, taking them somewhere, or even painting them. I had seen this image photographed of my friend Sophie one day and thought it would be nice to flatter her and the image by painting a stippled rendition. As I began the piece I realized it epitomized my true purpose as an artist and person simultaneously; which is having a positive impact on someone.  This piece is still a causation of aesthetic, but most of all it’s a compliment to a dear friend. A Piece Called Sophie is plainly the starting point of applauding the beauty and elegance of the people in my life I hold close.


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