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Portrait Of A Man, 2022

72 X 24 Inches 

Alcohol paint, acrylic paint, latex paint, on canvas

Portrait of a Man is not merely a painting. Every segment of the entire piece collectively illustrates the essence of a man. Beneath the painted depiction of a man lies history. These canvases have seen other works displayed across them; those of which never quite amounted to the truth. They have been something (or someone) else, insufficient, distasteful, etc; as a result of their inadequacy, they were masked and set to try again. The remnants of the past; every blemish, every scuff, every texture, every binding — it’s all a reflection of the triumphs and sorrows of a man. He’s been plain, he’s been vibrant, he’s been gloomy…. He’s been broken and put back together. He thought he figured it out a million times, but it was only the next time. All of these circumstances and experiences are attributes to the final product being delivered to the world —  a man. 


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