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Portrait Of A Woman, 2022

72 X 48 Inches 

Alcohol paint, acrylic paint, spray paint, latex paint, on canvas

This is a portrait of a woman. Beneath the depiction of her is a series of experiences and occurrences that directly contribute to the entirety of who she is. She’s been different in color, in structure, in texture, etc. She’s endured the external forces of the world, those of which she cannot control, but that which defines her is how she responded to those forces. The world threw at her ingredients, lots of which she did not enjoy, but she learned to utilize them and chef the perfect meal to serve the world. She’s been broken, ripped apart, and put back together. Her cuts have been spackled, lashes stapled, and impurities masked. She is the product of her response to that of which she cannot control.


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