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The Man Of Man, 2021


(48 X 72 Inches)

Eggshell paint/primer, spray paint, alcohol paint on canvas

Born and raised Christian, I often found myself a bit too resistant toward the beliefs and religion overall. I was forced by my parents to attend mass every Sunday, weekly bible study,  bible school every summer,  etc. I had always experienced anxiety regarding the punishment for petty mistakes and vices that apply to all people, that of which might not even actually be wrongdoing; I believed I’d go to hell for acting like a human being. I often found myself intimidated by the priests, art, chapel, and music. As a result of this irrational discomfort I began to run away from the code of Christianity — I even refused to carry out my confirmation, though a lot of the imperative values seemed to stick with me. I never let go of my belief in a God nor did I pursue a “sinful” lifestyle, but I did not claim myself religious in any regard — it hadn’t even crossed my mind for many years. Following a series of daunting psychological experiences (especially those psychedelic-induced) I toured the spectrum of my perception; discovering new outlooks on spirituality, consciousness, and existence. I had lost faith in life itself; I was no longer capable of seeing meaning or feeling purpose in anything at all. It was when I came to the realization that this newfound nihilism was the cause of my despair — and if lack of meaning brings about sorrow then meaning must be restored. During this period I “coincidentally” became intrigued with aspects of the religion; I became in love with the art and extremely fascinated by the architecture of the churches near my home. Seeing a portrait of Christ has always effected me much differently than other art — So I decided to create my own rendition. Following the completion of this spontaneous and very organically conceived piece, I couldn’t stop myself from staring at it. It renders a sense of safety; a restoration of faith. “The Man of Man” is the real artist; painting our canvas of a world, rendering meaning where necessary.

- Conner Meager