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Punk Isn’t Dead, She’s Just Blackout, 2022

48 X 24 Inches 

Latex paint, alcohol paint, spray paint, spackling paste, concrete, wood, steel fencing, clear coat finish

Just when you thought we lost her, there she comes stumbling out of bed, still fully clothed and intoxicated from last night. Her head starts to pound, so in turn she pounds a shot. She doesn’t remember last night but, she doesn’t care because the night remembers her. She gets in the car, speeds, discards the use of a seatbelt, and desecrates the first of many cigarettes while blasting her favorite Sex Pistols song. She picks up her friend and does the same, only this time accompanied by an equal force. Her body is destroyed from the substance abuse, but her energy is paradoxical. Her lack of concern is the fountain of youth, she is infinite.


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