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Accessibility Policy for ALLGORITHIM


This Online Accessibility Policy ("Policy") outlines the commitment of [ALLGORITHIM] ("the Gallery," "we," "our," or "us") to ensure that our online platform is accessible to all users, including individuals with disabilities. We are dedicated to providing an inclusive online experience and complying with relevant accessibility standards. By using our website, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of this Policy.


1. Accessibility Standards

1.1 Compliance: We strive to adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, Level AA, issued by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), to make our website accessible to individuals with disabilities.

1.2 Ongoing Review: We regularly review and update our website to maintain and improve accessibility standards.


2. Accessible Features

2.1 Text Alternatives: We provide alternative text for images, ensuring that screen readers can convey image content to users with visual impairments.

2.2 Keyboard Navigation: Our website can be navigated and operated using keyboard-only input, improving accessibility for users who cannot use a mouse.

2.3 Clear Structure: We maintain a consistent and organized website structure, using headings, lists, and other structural elements for improved screen reader and navigation support.

2.4 Descriptive Links: Our hyperlinks are designed to provide clear and concise descriptions of their destinations.

2.5 Resizable Text: Our website allows users to adjust text size using browser controls without losing content or functionality.

2.6 Color Contrast: We ensure sufficient color contrast between text and background to improve readability for users with low vision.


3. Assistive Technologies

3.1 Compatibility: Our website is designed to work effectively with commonly used assistive technologies, including screen readers, magnifiers, and voice recognition software.


4. Feedback and Assistance

4.1 Contact Information: We welcome feedback on the accessibility of our website. If you encounter accessibility barriers or have suggestions for improvement, please contact us at [contact email].

4.2 Prompt Response: We strive to respond to accessibility-related inquiries and feedback in a timely manner.


5. Continuous Improvement

5.1 Accessibility Roadmap: We are committed to an ongoing process of evaluating and improving the accessibility of our website based on user feedback and advancements in accessibility technologies.

5.2 External Expertise: We engage with accessibility experts and consultants to ensure that our website meets the highest standards of accessibility.


6. Accessibility Policy Updates

6.1 Changes: We may update this Accessibility Policy to reflect changes in our practices or legal requirements. Any updates will be posted on this page with the updated date.


7. Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding the accessibility of our website or this Accessibility Policy, please contact us at [].

Last updated: [August 16, 2023]

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