Steven Cogle American

Steven Cogle is a Los Angeles based, Brooklyn born painter with works collected by some of the industries leading collectors. With an emphasis on history, current events, and popular culture, Cogle’s works depict emotional renditions of familiar faces and moments. Just a few years ago, he was called in by Amar'e Stoudemire to create a massive thirty three feet long painting for SCOPE Art Show. The painting was Stevens depiction of Titus and the Roman Empire overthrowing Jerusalem. Stoudemire’s, The Melech Collection, currently holds two paintings by Steven.

Over his grand 20 year spanning career, works have been acquired by the collections of Michael B Jordan, Chris Rock, Andie McDowell, Margaret Qualley, Shanola Hampton, & Hill harper to name a few. The artist has been featured in press releases from Flaunt Magazine, Sotheby’s, & Hypebeast.