Kai Cranmore

Was originally created In the midst of my downtime during 2020 when there was more time than we all knew what to do with. The original concept was created with 99 playing cards, consisting only of the heart suit. Each heart precisely cut an rotated 90 degrees facing to the left. As described in the title, each solid side of the heart, facing one direction; which in turn is directly analogous to the feelings and turmoil of unrequited love.

Appropriating and diverting an object we are all so familiar with while provoking thought on the oscillating perceptions of love in this modern day. A bittersweet feeling, inevitable in nature, and relatable to all. This ever evolving concept is applicable to an infinite range of mediums- be it sculptural, digital, furniture, etc. My goal with this project is to elicit an interactive experience where the audience can relate the feelings to their own frame of reference.