Luke Haeger American, b. 1993

God. Praying. Luke Haeger is a Maverick. An artist working across boundaries to achieve total flight. Formerly rock 'n' rollin', now meditatively soaring through the post-postmodern, hyper-accelerated AI landscape, trying to keep humanism and the touch of the true artist's hand alive. Returning home to a gonzo dream journal approach, annotating and illustrating representational mark-making to the signs, signifiers, and signified of the times. Luke studied undergrad at UCLA, nearly completing a BFA from CalArts before dropping out to start as an artist residing in Praxis, a society-crafting company building a new city in the Mediterranean Sea. While based in NYC, Praxis has become an epicenter of alternative thinking in the West. Luke is well-versed and experienced in the art world, consistently adventuring out to parts unknown, finding new intersections and methods to deliver visually, audibly, and conceptually one of the last remaining revolutionary messages of Total Freedom. As he calls it, viva the wave.