Francisco Santaella, Flaunt Magazine, April 25, 2022

Over the past half-decade, Tyler Santangelo has devoted himself to the arts. From music, painting, and visual art being a few of his emphasized mediums, he has continued to cast his umbrella wide. His creative metamorphosis has caught profound attention in Los Angeles & New York as he’s continued his journey. Entering his early 20’s, he came to this realization; The deep-seated passion he has for the arts needs to be shared with the world, and what better way to share it then starting a gallery.  

ALLGORITHIM, a spin off of the English word algorithm, which carries the definition, “a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer”. The young artist explains the name behind his gallery, “In today’s society, for the most part, most of us are on our phones for an extraordinary amount of time during the day. I see so many people out at parties, walking down the street, at the coffee shop, even the gym scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, you name it. A lot of our own thoughts and ideas are replications and self-innovations of what our senses take in daily. Almost every aspect of our life has an account for it now on social media. We can find nearly anything that we want on a search engine. The problem solving skills the previous generation had before the internet, my generation does not need. The algorithm takes care of that for us. Yes, life is easier in many ways, but at what cost? It is a question with no one answer, no true answer. Art is a reflection of life and society, and as my artistic predecessors did before me, I plan to be a reflection, my own reflection, of the world around me”. With the idea in mind, he got to work. After finding the right gallery space and pushing the vision into motion, he set his sight on Opening Day. 
On September 1st, Tyler Santangelo opened ALLGORITHIM’s doors to the public. The first exhibition was received phenomenally well with a huge turn out of friends, family, peers, collectors, the list goes on. Exhibiting works by his close friends Vincent Lantzy, Conner Meager, Kai Cranmore & himself. As the days went on, so did the rolodex of collectors, artists, and sales. Up to this point, Tyler has worked with a wide-variety of artists. Two being Markus Klinko and Diego Uchitel, the famed fine-art photographers who both have had successful solo exhibitions at the gallery. As well, he’s had solo exhibitions for artist’s Conner Meager, Kai Cranmore; both of which were the artist’s first ever solo exhibitions. Furthermore, he’s worked with the notable curator turned artist Enigma, who has a substantial Instagram following with a network in the fashion, art, and music scene. With two group shows and five solo exhibitions under his belt, he has continued to grow into quite the gallerist. Stating, “As of now, I plan on doing two to three shows every two months. I’ve met so many cool people and talented artists of all ages and experience levels that I want to work with. Now I just need to manage my time and keep the momentum going. This experience has brought a new piece into my life that I didn’t know I wanted, it’s made me a better person in many ways. As an artist, it’s easy to get casted away into the ocean of life. ALLGORITHIM has helped me realign”. 
With an emphasis on the physical space, he has also made a substantial effort on growing an online audience and marketplace for the gallery.  

Moving forward, Tyler plans on continuing to build ALLGORITHIM out as an exhibition based gallery premiering emerging and establish artists. He has ambitions of opening new locations, updating his current space, and expanding his network in the art world. Throughout the past 7 months, Tyler has also worked as a private art dealer for clients outside of the gallery, primarily within the secondary market. He explains, “I really enjoy the process of working with artists and collectors. I am an art & culture junkie. I love building a connection and even sometimes friendship with collectors and curators who share the same passion as me. It’s funny because art is so interpretive. Like, if we’re being completely honest, there really is no good or bad. It’s all what you think. Not what anyone else thinks. If you like something you like it, if you don’t you don’t. Obviously there’s some people who are cemented legends in the art world, but for the ones who carry a little more controversy, it’s up to you. I’ve met people who hate what I love and love what I hate. Every time I meet with someone new I try to keep an open mind, each time I learn something new”. Running the gallery takes a lot of time and effort, but the gallerist doesn’t plan on stopping his other ventures anytime soon. “I’m still a painter, I’m still a musical artist, I’m still KNDRGRTN, I’m still a film guy. This is just a piece of my story, a really cool one. I sometimes feel like I’m not doing enough with my other mediums and parts of my life, but inspiration is fleeting. Right now, I’m a motivated gallerist, and that’s what I’m doing. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, every day is a new day”.  


To keep up with Tyler, you can follow him on Instagram @kndrgrtn; As well, you can check out his website tylermichaelsantangelo.com