Written In Partnership With Amir Bakian, LA Weekly, November 22, 2022

Nearly 2 weeks ago, Gallerist Tyler Santangelo held his first pop up exhibition entitled RISE, housing 23 artists including himself to exhibit works. The show contained nearly every medium, from massive 8 feet paintings by Conner Meager to a small scale bronze sculpture by Armando Franco. Tyler stated, “After a year with ALLGORITHIM, I looked back at all of the accomplishments & setbacks and took them for what they were. We had put together 11 successful exhibitions that brought hundreds of people out to view what I love most, art. Everything was great, but I felt something missing. Certain artists work better with certain spaces, and the ability to be mobile & partner with a 5000 square foot gallery when needed is beneficial to everyone, even the collectors. We already have 7 shows lined up for next year, some in different cities. What we’ve been doing has caught on, and I felt the need to challenge myself. There are pros & cons to approaching the beast of the art world the way that I decided to, but I deeply feel that the decision to go mobile for now is the right move, for me & for the artists”.


In its first year, ALLGORITHIM held 11 museum quality exhibitions at their location on Melrose Avenue, adjacent too many LA hotspot restaurants and furniture design stores. The shows consisted of many origins, mostly original painting works & fine art photography. The gallery has held solo exhibitions with famed photographers Markus Klinko & Diego Uchitel, and held rising star Marko Ristic’s first Solo Exhibition last April. After nearly 365 days of art scene immersion, gallery founder Tyler Santangelo decided to shake things up. He decided to close his permanent space for now and transition to the post brick & mortar method of exhibiting & selling art, a new style adopted by many in the art world.


RISE held a guest list of 1200 people with a nearly 90% turn out rate, higher than anyone expected. Celebrities, artists, and art lovers all elbow to elbow in one setting. The selection process for the 23 artists took over a month, fielding applications via email on a daily basis. To most this wasn’t their first show, but to a few it was the first time they’ve exhibited artwork publicly. ALLGORITHIM stands by its current mission to bring artists of established & emerging background together. Tyler states, “When selecting the artists, we followed a strict guideline with quality & artistic integrity being at the forefront. We hand picked these artists based on many factors, and in my opinion, this show is an excellent representation of the current scene in Los Angeles. All 23 artists crushed it, and I’m proud of each and everyone of them. We’ve decided to pick up Armando Franco & Vincent Lantzy for Solo Exhibitions this upcoming year. The most important factor for us is putting on a high quality show where the artists & collectors feel a sense of enchantment”.


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