Conner Meager American

Conner Meager is fine artist,  graphic designer,  actor,  and curator from Detroit, MI.  At 13 he began experimenting with Photoshop in effort to bring his visual ideas to life and throughout the course of his teenage years,  he cultivated a very advanced specialty in graphic design.  Growing up in Detroit,  spending time around abandoned architecture and with graffiti artists,  he developed a strong affinity for street art alongside his interest in digital art.  His graphic work consisted mainly of halftones,  dithering,  and bitmapping;  this is the style of work he used to migrate toward fine art — his very first painting depicts a portrait of Jesus Christ in a stipple format,  small black dots of paint carefully dispersed to attribute a bigger picture.  All of his physical works are renditions and/or references of his digital work.  By no coincidence,  his primary set of tools and materials consist of those used in the practices that inspired his work;  dripsticks,  spray paint,  shipping labels,  paint markers,  chemical sprayers,  etc.  Conner’s leading focus as a contemporary artist is to adequately centralize the essence of street art,  fine art,  and digital art;  this results in his work being harmonious practically anywhere.  In a more conceptual sense,  the formatting of Conner’s work is metaphorical to his view on life;  stippling is the process of using tiny dots to create value,  putting them closer to one another for tone alteration,  and increasing the size of them to expedite that value.  These dots are similar to aspects of life whether it be people,  memories,  actions,  ideas,  anything;  value stems from the contribution and cumulation of attributes.  When you look too closely everything seems so simple and meaningless (like a dot on a canvas) but when you take a step back you’ll discover that every tiny detail is a contributory aspect of the bigger picture.