One Sided Love : Kai Cranmore

19 March - 2 April 2022

This Saturday comes the beginning of a journey that Kai Cranmore, the self taught artist, has been preparing for some time. His first ever Solo Exhibition entitled, “One Sided Love”, will be on display starting the 19th. Kai experiments with various materials and uses handcrafted techniques to create objects that go beyond what meets the eye. Including – but not limited to – sculptures and silhouettes that play with the audience’s perspective. Kai's work in photography has expanded his eye for capturing beauty, which has brought him to obtain a unique approach to mix-media. His “One Sided Love” series blurs the lines between practicality, depth, and what lies beneath the surface. These pieces transcend the viewers interpretation through visual poetry of the hearts on the cards, floating in front of you. These creations evoke an enigmatic sense of the human experience & playfulness of the contradictions of life-with each piece relaying its own message.

Original Statement from 002 of his series: “One-Sided Love” was created with 99 playing cards, consisting only of the heart suit. Each heart precisely cut and rotated 90 degrees facing to the left; resembling the positioning of the human heart... On the bodies left hand side. Each card completely coated in resin amongst a painted oak wood frame. As described in the title, each red-side of the heart is facing one direction, which in turn is directly analogous to the feelings and turmoil of unreciprocated love.

This collection further expands on his foundational views and approach to his work, while adding newfound additions to his creations. New experimentations with color, images, and size have been added to the story, waiting to be seen by the admirer.