Quirofano De Antier : Armando Franco

16 - 19 February 2023
Installation Views
Press release

Join us this Thursday for Armando Franco’s Introductory Exhibition ‘Quirofano De Antier’, located in Los Angeles. The Opening Reception will begin at 6 in the evening, following by appointment only weekend viewings.


Below a statement from the artist,


“The creation of this collection of work is vastly personal, yet humanly universal. Attempting to assort pain, joy, and growth through visual arts has had a transmuting effect on my outlook for the past years. Focusing on the implementation of disparate materials to evoke and mirror my own state of existence at the time being. The contrast full implementation in between familiar “comfort” shapes and the detailed execution synthesizes a different piece of mind.”

- Armando Franco


Location: 4270 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA


Email info@allgorithim.com with all early inquiries.