Drawings by Luke Haeger : Online Exhibition

20 August - 14 September 2023
From rock 'n' roll to meditative flight, Luke navigates the AI-driven post-postmodern realm. Preserving humanism's core and authentic artistry drives him. Through a gonzo dream journal, he fuses annotations, illustrations, and marks, bridging signs of our era. 

Luke Haeger: a Maverick artist, transcending limits and embracing meditative flight after rock 'n' roll. His goal? Safeguarding humanism and the genuine artist's touch. Luke returns to a gonzo dream journal method, merging annotations and illustrations for mark-making that resonates with our era's symbols.


From UCLA to near completion of a CalArts BFA, Luke's unique path leads to Praxis, an alternative epicenter in NYC. Within, he nurtures bold ideas, venturing into uncharted artistic domains. Luke channels Total Freedom through visuals, sounds, and concepts, passionately echoing "viva the wave."


His odyssey defies tradition. From education to Praxis, he crafts a narrative and a city, bridging creativity and reality. NYC's rhythm fuels him, where Total Freedom finds its home. Luke's tireless exploration captures an artist breaking boundaries, sculpting a borderless, limitless future with the rallying cry, "viva the wave."


Press release

Drawings by Luke Haeger, an Online Exclusive Exhibition held by ALLGORITHIM


God. Praying. Luke Haeger emerges as a Maverick, a distinctive artist who defies limitations and crosses boundaries to attain total flight. Having transitioned from a rock 'n' roll lifestyle, he now embarks on a meditative soar through the post-postmodern, hyper-accelerated AI landscape. His mission? To preserve humanism's essence and the authentic touch of a true artist's hand. Luke's evolution leads him back to a gonzo dream journal approach, where he delves into annotations and illustrations, crafting representational mark-making that connects with the signs, signifiers, and signified of our times. With a foundation laid during his undergraduate years at UCLA and almost completing a BFA from CalArts, Luke's journey takes a unique turn, propelling him into the realm of Praxis, a visionary company building a novel city in the Mediterranean Sea.


As a resident artist within Praxis, Luke Haeger's influence gains traction. While anchored in the bustling landscape of NYC, Praxis assumes a pivotal role as an epicenter for alternative thinking in the Western world. This society-crafting entity not only constructs tangible structures but also nurtures unconventional ideas. Rooted in this fertile ground, Luke becomes well-versed and experienced in the intricate tapestry of the art world. His unwavering spirit propels him to venture into uncharted territories, uncovering fresh intersections and pioneering methods. Through visual, auditory, and conceptual channels, Luke strives to channel one of the final bastions of revolutionary expression: Total Freedom, a message he passionately dubs "viva the wave."


Luke Haeger's artistic odyssey is an expedition into the unknown, fueled by a fervent drive to break the confines of tradition and conformity. With an education that spans from the halls of UCLA to the precipice of a BFA from CalArts, his departure from the academic route marks a pivotal juncture. Founding himself within the innovative nucleus of Praxis, he not only crafts his unique artistic narrative but also contributes to the construction of an entire city, symbolizing a fusion of creativity and reality. Luke's explorations radiate from the heart of New York City, a city pulsating with the rhythm of alternative thinking, a place where his message of Total Freedom finds resonance. Through his unceasing exploration, he encapsulates the essence of an artist who transcends borders, mediums, and limitations to shape a future guided by the resounding call, "viva the wave."


The Exhibition will be held from August 20th through September 14th.