Lindsay Dawn

Self taught, with a deep sense of wanderlust in her waking life, as well as in her subconscious mind. Lindsay devoted the first few years of her professional career to exploring different mediums, and styles in search of a way to communicate with the world around her. Starting at the age of 12, she began using the female body as the focal point of her paintings as a vehicle to explore the human experience, this continued into adulthood, she then began to navigate her way through understanding abstraction, and educating herself on the history of surrealism, street and pop art, while still working around the female form.


In 2017 she took a deep dive into the world of portraiture, while remaining focused on formulating a style that translated the fascination she had with fragments of an array of styles, which brings us to present day. Lindsay describes the work she does now as ‘euphoric’ because of the absence of confinement and the ability to remove the constraints of feeling the need to fit in a box. The work she is delved into today is a manifestation of her studies and an overlapping of artistic extraction with a constant theme – her depiction of the female form and its relation to the human experience and complexity of the subconscious mind.


Dawn’s work can be found in many prominent collections around the world. Venturing to Los Angeles in 2016 from a small city in northern Canada, she has remained focused on creating pieces that allow her to fully express and translate the presence of timelessness within culture, society, spirituality and the natural world.